Association presents its plans on RTS Satellite TV

Aiming to successfully prepare for the plans for the year 2017, the association “On Behalf of the Living” presented its plans on RTS Satellite TV. This was an extraordinary opportunity for the representatives of the diaspora to learn about the activities of the “Knjaz Milos” choir and orchestra, as well as the action of the Association’s Business Council

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“Knjaz Milos” performance at MP’s Club

The “Knjaz Milos” choir had a notable performance accompanied by a string orchestra at the opening of the Fifth Conference on British-Serbian Relations held at the MP’s Club in Belgrade on 3 March 2017 to mark the 180-year anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The audience made up of renowned business people from Serbia and Great Britain enjoyed their performance of the pieces such asĀ  “God of Justice” (Serbian: “Boze pravde”) and “God Save the Queen”. read more

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