“On Behalf of the Living” contributes to the enhancement of cultural and business relations between Serbia and the rest of the world, between the world and Serbia and all Serbian lovers.

A special focus of our activities is on improving the quality of life and health preservation through making proposals for the modernization of the healthcare system and public sector at large.


About us

“On Behalf of the Living” is a non-government and non-profit organisation established for indefinite time to achieve goals in the area of enhancing cultural and business relations between Serbia and the rest of the world.
Through its work, among other things, the association aims to present our diaspora with the activities of a number of people in the home country focused on the preservation of cultural and business heritage, and vice versa – to present the home country with the diaspora. These people are very active, hardworking and involved, they are truly out there and exist, hence the title “On Behalf of the Living”.
The Association’s action is, in particular, focused on the following:
– the preservation and development of spiritual, national and cultural identity of the Serbian people residing outside the Republic of Serbia,
– enhancing the relations of expatriates, Serbian citizens residing abroad and their organizations with the Republic of Serbia,
– informing Serbian expatriates abroad about the current social issues, including political, economic and cultural life and their return to the Republic of Serbia.